Astra Airlines Virtual Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations for Membership at Astra Airlines Virtual.

1) Pilot Rules

1.1) You must not be CEO of any other virtual airline.
1.2) Pilots must submit at least 1 flight per month in order to stay active on the roster
1.3) Any pilot who needs to be away for a period of time must contact staff
1.4) When flying online, pilots should display good airmanship, fly in a realistic manner, and adhere and comply to the VATSIM/IVAO regulations
1.5) Never argue with other pilots. If any problems arise, contact a member of staff
1.6) Your real name is required on the application in order to join
1.7) When flying on line you can use either your callsing (ex.AZI-...) or the callsing of the flight you make.
1.8) When flying on line (always of course) please don't use max sim rate 16x(or any other speed than 1x) more than once in a month.

2) General Rules

2.1) When applying to join the airline, you must adhere to company regulation and policy
2.2) You cannot apply to our airline if you already have a staff position in another VA. If one ignores this, then they will face a lifetime ban
2.3) Keep a civilized manner when communicating with other pilots. Do not argue
2.4) When applying to our virtual company you MUST sent AT least one pirep per month.Otherwise you will be rejected with no further notification.

3) Forum rules

3.1) No spamming in the forum
3.2) Posting inappropriate content is forbidden

4) Company Policy

4.1) When flying, please use a Cost Index of 20
4.2) Every flight should land with an additional amount of fuel which should be available in case of emergency/diversion etc.
4.3) The flight tracker should be started just before pushback and startup, and should end exactly after parking brakes are set upon arrival
4.4) ICAO prefix should be used. Not IATA. Astra's prefix is AZI
4.5) When flying, use your callsign as ''Astra'' or ''Greek Star''.
4.6) Excessive fuel consumption/Block remaining fuel is forbidden. Load fuels sustainably and accurately

If you agree with our Rules and Regulations, you may continue to fill out the Application by clicking below.

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